Some nice shops in Paris

Shakespeare and Company, (5th): did you forgot your English books and you would like to read a book on the quays of the Seine? You can go to Fnac or discover this cute shop with a history that goes back to the early 20th century and with some famous clients Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce.

– You are in Paris, and you are planning your new journey, you want to know everything about a country, a city or a place in the world, then there is no doubt: Voyageurs du monde can give you enough literature or you can book your journey right there :).

Au Vieux Campeur, (6th): the place to be to buy some outdoor stuff (they have everything you can think of). They have different shops with specialised material: the one shop has equipment to climb, the other one to dive or to ski …

Diwali, (everywhere in Paris): scarfs and shawls and some jewelry. Ideas for a souvenir or just for yourself.

– Shops with chocolat, olive oil and other herbs …:

Un dimanche à Paris     Première Pression de Provence

Chocolaterie Larnicol

– Impression of the Cour du Commerce Saint André, a cozy little shopping street.

Kilo Shop, where you buy your clothes per kilo.


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