Part V.I: Versailles

More photos can be found here

Saturday Morning. We jumped on the metro and headed off to


Versailles, for the Project Part 5.1. Versailles, the chateau where all splendour, glory, fame, m’as-tu-vu and other splendid things from olden times and certainly also from now, are represented. It was not the first time that we visited Versailles. But from time to time, it is not a bad idea to check if the images and the things you have in mind, are still the same. We had chosen for a “conference guided tour” where a guide introduced us into the history of the “private apartments” of the kings and queens. Instead of showing us “this is a window”, “this is a tile”, “this is a chair”, he built up his story around themes. In the first room he told us more about the hunting, the notion of time, the war … You got a different point of view on the rooms and objects. And at the end of the guided tour, we could enter the “opéra” of the castle. I have discovered some things about and corners of Versailles I have never seen before (or that they certainly have built after my last visit :)).After this tour, we threw ourselves in the crowd that was exploring the “open parts” of the castle. We queued up and visited the other rooms, apartments, and the famous “hall of mirrors” which stays one of the showpieces. We had the intention to continue our visit with some parading and rambling around in the gardens. They used to be free and you could enter freely. Used to be. Indeed. Now, they ask 8.5 € (Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday). Unfortunately, it was too cold that afternoon. So we will come back on a warmer, sunny day for the gardens and for “the project part 5.2”. I certainly would and will recommend this castle to everyone who has never visited it before. It stays a little pearl between the French Renaissance castles.

So we decided to slander and saunter through Paris and we visited the travel library “Voyageurs au bout du monde” where you can find books and maps from eeeeverywhere, and where you can book voyages and journeys to eeeeverywhere. We finished our day in our favourite Mexican restaurant (photos are coming).



– Do you want to know more about Versailles and the gardens, on the site of the castle you can find it all.

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