Qui & Quoi?


Nice to meet you and welcome on my blog. A little word about me and my blog. And if you want to know something else, shoot …

MoiLiesbet, Lies, of Moi. These are the names I respond to :). Born in 1986 and I grew up in Brakel (a small village in Belgium). I went to school in Zottegem, and went to university in Ghent. I started working as a manager in the Fnac-stores and now, I’m working for Fnac from the HQ in Paris.

Likes to be surrounded by: my friend (and yes, he lives in Belgiums, so we are living it Long Distance, but Paris-Belgium is not so far), my family, friends and travelling strangers.

Likes: travelling, travelling a lot, something rough (as activity of course), the Middle Ages and France, books, spring, mountains & waterfalls…

Device: je bent jong en je wilt wat (you are young and you want something);  impossible n’est pas français (leant from Napoleon).

Could be found: in Paris, in my apartment in the XVIe district, somewhere else in Paris, or at the HQ of Fnac.

Will: share her adventures on this blog, try to visit each month Belgium, stay in touch with you, miss you and become a modest Parisienne…

Other purpose of this blog: give you the desire to start a journey, to live your dreams, to realise your wishes, to enjoy life. I hope that this blog about my life, my voyages, my discoveries and my astonishment, could give you a dose of Liesbet-joy and cheerfulness and a smile … 🙂

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