Au revoir Paris

I have to admit it. I wasn’t very active on my blog the last weeks, or even months. Even if I have done a lot of cool things in Paris, in France, in Belgium and even if I am planning to do a lot of other more cool things in Paris, in France, in Belgium and in other places far far away.

But, in fact: there is a good explanation for it.

Friday the 31th of Octobre, I will definitively close the door of my apartment in Paris, I will hand over the keys to the new owner and I will take the Thalys to Belgium, actually without a return ticket. So, yes: after 2 years and 8 months in Paris, I will return to Belgium.

With some regret, of course: nearly 3 years does leave some traces and memories, and there are also the awesome people I met …

But also with a lot of nice perspectives: I will be living together with my boyfriend, I will start a new job (woohoow, a new challenge), I will be able to see my friends and family on a more regular base, and I can focus again on the blog 🙂 telling you about all I’ve lived the last months, about all the things we will do from now one. And it will keep my friends in Paris updated about my life :).

My followers on Instagram will certainly miss the daily picture of the Eiffeltower (no worries, there are still some days left, so I can post some more) but I’ve made a compilation of my daily project. So: lean back and enjoy … It’s my way to say bye bye to Paris.




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