Parisian Picknick with a view

On my strolls through Paris, I was always intrigued by 4 maritime-style containers lined up on the riverbank promenade of the quays of the Seine. Further examination thought me that these containers were called “ZZZ boxes”, where the ZZZ hints at the zen and relaxing spots on the berges de la Seine.

The containers

So, my boyfriend and I booked one on a sunny Sunday.

That morning we went to a Japanese bakery and supermarket to compose our picknick. At 12 o’ clock we signed in at the berges and we got assigned our own ZZZ-box for 1h30 of happiness!

No need to take our picknick-plaid and chairs, inside the container a table and some benches awaited us (you can invite up to 8 people in those boxes!), so we could choose to have our picknick on our private terrace or inside the box. After lunch we dragged the 2 fatboys to our terrace and we took a small siesta in the heart of Paris. Even though we were alongside the promenade with a lot of people passing by, we did not have the impression that everybody was staring at us :), no we were truly enjoying our own private garden / picknick spot.

Terrace with a view

In case you don’t feel the urge to take a nap or to become totally zen, you can find a box with party games and books in the container. That 1h30 will pass before you even realise it.

Games and books

We utterly loved the concept and the setting! It’s in the center of the city, not far away from the highlights and some parcs. The perfect spot for a picknick, an apéro, a moment with friends or just the two of you … And it is for freeeeeeeee! How cool is that! Just book your container here and enjoy one and a half hour of happiness! One advice: I am not the only one that knows about these boxes, they are very popular. So if you want one, book one as soon as you can … It is worth it !


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