The BBE and the HI-5ives!

July 23.

I hope it’s already on the calendar of every blogger following my blog: at this date the second edition of the Big Blog Exchange of Hostelling International launches!! From 23/07 – 03/09, convince as many people as possible to vote for that blog of yours! It doesn’t matter if you’re only blogging for some months or for some years: everyone can enter the game! It’s the moment to get in touch with other bloggers or to attract more followers. When you have enough votes, you’ll go on to round n°2 where a jury will choose the 16 lucky finalists who will have the time of their life from 31/10 until 09/11 somewhere on this globe. You haven’t signed up yet? No worries, click here and just sign in! You won’t regret it.

Because it IS an amazing adventure for every blogger: food, sports, street art, travelling, daily life, lifestyle …

Because you’ll meet a lot of people: other bloggers, travellers, the crew from the country-where-you-will-be-sent-to’s Hostelling International hostels.

Because the Big Blog Adventure continues, even after those 10 days of swapping lifes with another blogger.

For me, the BBE will always be one of the moments I’m the most proud of in my life: being a blogger just for fun, I worked on my blog because I really really wanted to win this competition, I tried everything … The day I got THE mail from the Hostelling International head office announcing I was one of the 16, I was so excited! It went even better when I discovered that I would be flying to South Africa! One of the countries on my bucket list! Sometimes I think back to that week that Simon Lewis, the contact of the South Africa Hostelling International showed me around in South Africa, that I met all those amazing crew-members and travellers in the different South African Hostels. I can tell hours about it or you can read my whole BBE-adventure here.

BBE is great!

And the BBE continued … Some months ago, I was invited to tell about my BBE during the last HI-CEO-meeting here in Paris. What a great evening: most CEOs of hostels from all over the world where gathered for their annual convention, and I could speech about one of the coolest moment in my life: you can read my speech on the blog of Hostelling International.

After my speech, I was asked to hand over The HI-5ives! The what? The HI-5ives is an annual award, based on the ratings left by the travellers/hostellers on So, that evening I handed over the famous HI-5ives awards to these hostels in the following 5 categories:

1. Best Hostel – Interlaken, Switzerland

Best Hostel: Interlaken, Switzerland

2. Friendliest Hostel HI-Martha’s Vineyard, USA

Friendliest Hostel: Marthas Vineyard, USA

3. Most Comfortable Hostel – Interlaken, Switzerland

Most Comfortable Hostel: Interlaken, Switzerland

4. Green Hostel – HI Boston, USA

Green Hostel: Boston, USA

5. Best Hostel Country – USA 

Best Overall Hostel Country - USA

If you have any more questions about the Big Blog Exchange, just shoot.

And if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Go for it! Click the link and sign up: it’s for free and you’ll get something amazing in return.



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