I am back

I haven’t been active on my blog these last few weeks. Shame on me because I have a lot to blog about but I did not get around to it. Most of the weekends were either fully booked (Belgium and other stuff), or the weather was too fine to stay inside and work was quite busy. On top of that, since a couple of weeks I am taking Japanese language courses twice a week … So I will retake my normal blogging rhythm and from this week on you will find posts you don’t want to miss :):

– Longyearbyen, because I haven’t finished yet and there are still some things to tell: Solfestuka, snowcats, dogsledding

– Oslo

– A Japanese Tea Ceremony

– Paris by night

– The HI-5ives or the Hostelling International Hostel Awards and the Big Blog Exchange 2014 – of course!

– A visit to Veere (a lovely village in the Netherlands)

– Paris and my life 🙂

and probably some other things I forgot to mention. So, no worries, I’ll be back soon with all those stories and even more!





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