Húsavík – Godafoss – Akureyri

After two days of fun with the snow, we picked up the visiting part of our roadtrip. The snow-ploughers had done their best on the road, so we drove to Húsavík, one of the bigger cities in the north and famous as “Whale Watching City”. We had booked our Whale watching tour: we were looking forward to meet those big mammals (and also to the hot chocolat and cinnamon rolls we’d get at the end of the cold boat trip ^^). Unfortunately, according to the sailor, the ocean was too rough for two travellers and the boat trip was cancelled.

Church in HusavikBoat in HusavikNo whales in real life. As we still wanted to see some whales and other creatures of the sea, we visited the Húsavík Whale Museum. We were quite surprised by the museum. We didn’t know what to expect, but it was a very professional, interactive, interesting and well decorated museum about whales with whale skeletons, facts about whales, the history of whale hunting and more whale things. This museum is definitely worth a visit! Nice to know: if you’re visiting the museum in wintertime, don’t be surprised to cross the local seniors: the whale museum operates an 18 hole putting course! To be precise: the northernmost putting course in the world; this in a unique setting: the whale museum, a former slaughterhouse. How funny is that!


Described in our travel guide as one of the more impressing and famous waterfalls on the island: 12 meters high, 30 meters wide. The Godafoss orWaterfall of the Gods”, where the lawspeaker Þorgeir would have thrown the statues of his Norse gods as recognition of Christianity as the official religion in Iceland (as decided in the Alþing). I love waterfalls. I don’t know what attracts me, but the more I see waterfalls, the more I get fascinated by them. And this one was impressive. And epic. Besides the place where we parked our car, there was no sign of human activity. There was only the snow covered landscape, some stones and this …The Godafoss



After a few days of snow, enormous mountains, remote villages, a rough ocean and astonishing landscapes, we spent our afternoon in a city: Akureyri (“the capital of North Iceland”). A real city with a shopping mall, museums, several bars and restaurants, some historical and touristical spots (an ultramodern church, view points, a botanical garden …). That afternoon, we roamed through the city, we layed in a supply for the next days. That evening, we slept at a farm (not a hostel this time) just outside Akureyri.

Coming up: A viking fort, a turf church and seals

The map of that day (the red line)

8 thoughts on “Húsavík – Godafoss – Akureyri

  1. Great post, and some really good photos! I was wondering, what was your opinion of Akureyri compared to Reykjavik? I only managed to travel around the south of the island while I was there but had heard a lot of good things about the north. Worth trying to see the north when I go to Iceland again? 🙂

    • Hi Jak, thanks! I’d definitely recommend you to visit Akureyri and surroundings 🙂 : you’ll have a big city on the one hand, and at the other you’ll find some great whale watching, nice waterfalls and more spectacular landscapes (and yes, they are different from those in the south). We only stayed for half a day in Akureyri (and 2 in Reykjavik), so I think we haven’t seen everything, but we loved Akureyri. It’s a nice place to wander, there are some cosy shops and bars, and there is a lively cultural life. We visited the city at the end of winter: I would rather advise you to visit it in spring or summertime. There is a lovely botanical garden but it was snow-covered when we where there. So yes, when you go back to Iceland, go visit the north (there are always plenty of reasons to go travelling 🙂 ).

      • I don’t think anyone needs an excuse to visit Iceland more than once! :). Ah, thank you for the advice, I shall definitely keep that in mind when planning my next trip. I would definitely agree though, I would love to see the north of the island in the summer for a change. It would be nice to have a bit more daylight and bluer skies :). Hope you had a good time anyway!

      • We had an amazing time (when you travel in winter, you know there will be snow …) ! We did a roadtrip around the island, but next time we would love to get more in touch with nature by doing a long hike in the mountains and by visiting the Westman Islands. Enjoy!

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