Iceland – snow. A lot of snow.

A long distance to cover today: 300 km. We’d be going from the south to the north.

The day started well with a relaxed trip through idyllic coastal places (like Djupivogur), fjords and high mountains.

When branching off from the Road 1 to the gravel road that would bring us to the Dettifoss (one of the most beautiful and must-see waterfalls of Iceland), some baleful clouds and squalls made us make a U-turn and we drove further so we could take the tunnel under the mountains. A less adventurous road though, but we didn’t want to get lost in the mountains.

Let's take the tunnel But … then … once we got out off the tunnel, we were in for a surprise: a fullblown snowstorm:

The blizzard

The blizzard

And it got worse

The blizzard

That’s when we understood the usefulness of the yellow poles at both sides of the road: we had a visibility of less than 50 meters, so I became the yellow-marker-spotter and co-driver to help my boyfriend to keep the car on the road. It was a jolly ride: wind gusts, snowstorm, no visible landscape. There would be no sightseeing during the next 30 km. We slid towards Egilsstadir, a town at 60 km of our next hostel (Kopasker). We rang the hostel to cancel our night and looked for some sleeping-accommodation in Egilsstadir. We called the owner of one of the hotels in town, stocked up on food in the nearby supermarket, and locked ourselves in our room while we watched the hotel slowly snowing in.

Snow everywhere

The map of that day (blue line)

2 thoughts on “Iceland – snow. A lot of snow.

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