Sunny hike in La Roche en Ardenne

Last week, I spent my entire week in Belgium. I saw family and friends, went on a hike in the Belgian Ardennes, one at the Belgian coast and one in the village where I grew up, we bought and installed a wardrobe for my boyfriends’ bedroom so I can store my clothes properly (woohoow and this after 3.5 years!!), I went to the hairdresser and we made hot cross buns. Too much for one post, so let’s start with the beginning …

The hike in the Belgian Ardennes

Sunday. We started our week with a hike in the Belgian Ardennes. My boyfriend and I are very attracted by forests where you can hike without meeting other people, by rugged landscapes, by the wooded valleys, by the smell of moss or trees. When we feel the urge to escape the city, to sniff up nature and to hike through a forest where the only sounds you hear are the leaves rustling under your feet, then we drive to one of our favourite spots in the Ardennes: La Roche en Ardenne.

On the road

We’d planned a hike that would bring us upon a mountain, through some valleys, through a forest, through another one, over some fields and back.

As we were walking through forests, we saw a lot of trees

and we admired the vivid green moss and plants glittering in the sun.

We passed shadowy places with delicately ice-covered plants

Ice-covered plants

who were resting just next to this beautiful and springy view

Landscape in La Roche en Ardenne

We came across some epic trees

saw water, reflections and more moss

arrived back in La Roche en Ardenne

and drove back, towards the horizon

This is the route we walked – +/- 15 km – (if you’d like to have the gpx, let me know …)

Hike La Roche - Samrée - La Roche

Hike La Roche – Samrée – La Roche


5 thoughts on “Sunny hike in La Roche en Ardenne

    • If it’s only for a trip, you can go to Durbuy, Namur, Dinant … If you want to go for a hike, let’s say that half a day is quite short. You can do some hikes in Durbuy etc. If you want to go for a hike, I’d rather recommend you to go for a two day trip: you’ll have the time to enjoy the Ardennes and the forests and outdoor activities. We love hiking in La Roche en Ardenne, but that’s about 4h by train/bus. What are you looking for exactly?

      • Thank You very much for Your answer. We plan to go on saturday on one day hiking trip. We will start from Bruselles by train to La Roche en Ardenne and than follow Your route. I heard it is the best way for first time exploring Ardenne.

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