Weekend in the “Baie de Somme”

Sometimes, all you need to find total happiness, is a destination, a place to stay and some company :).

And that weekend, we had all of them:

The destination: the “Baie de Somme“, in northern France. The bay is a place where tides determine the whole landscape. At ebb, kilometres of sand appear connecting the two cities at the opposite sides of the bay. But be aware, if you want to cross the bay, join a guide: flood occurs at an amazing speed and before you’ll notice, you are surrounded by the water, and it’s too late. This whole game of ebb and flood makes that the landscape changes twice a day, that there is an enormous variety of birds and plants and that it’s the ideal place to spend some days.

The place to stay: a lovely house with an open fireplace, a kitchen, everything you can think of, and this at a stone throw away from the sea and the national reserve; and a slightly bigger stone throw of the city center of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme, one of the cities in this beautiful area in France.

The company: our study group from university (partners included)

We arrived Friday in the late afternoon, went shopping, checked in in the house and made a little evening walk. All this under a slowly sinking sun above the bay, what made it that little more spectacular.

Evening colours - panoramic

Evening colours – panoramic

Saturday morning, while driving to the baker, we were treated with a lovely sunrise.

After breakfast, in between some rain showers, we started discovering Valéry-sur-Somme, a city rich in history. William the Conquerer sailed away to Hastings (returned because the circumstances were too bad) and Jeanne d’Arc as a prisoner, stepped through one of the gates before being incinerated at Rouen. The city has a nice historic center, some great seafood and pancake restaurants, a scenic harbour and an ancient steam train that links this city to Le Crotoy on the other side of the bay.

In the afternoon, we drove to Le Hourdel, where during ebb you can walk to see a colony of seals or you can admire them through binoculars. We went for an afternoon stroll on the pebbles, returned through the dunes and enjoyed an apocalyptical sunset … We were just in time at the car, just before the heavens released their floods.

Menacing clouds at Le Hourdel

Apocalyptical clouds at Le Hourdel

Sunset at Le Hourdel

Sunset at Le Hourdel

Sunday morning, we visited the market to buy local products and specialties of the region. We were lucky that day: the arrival of the first scallops of the season. The fishermen prepared them in front of you …

We wandered through the city, returned to the house, had a cosy afternoon and returned back to Belgium. And so it is proven: sometimes, all you need to be happy is a destination, a place to stay and some good company …

And I had the luck to have all of them. I think it’s clear that I enjoyed the weekend :).

And to complete everything, the bay seen from the sky …

Source of this video: http://www.baiedesomme.fr/en


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