A sunny weekend

After one weekend in Belgium, two weekends in South Africa, another weekend in Belgium, I stayed this weekend in Paris. So I could do a lot of exciting things, like:

– looking for a new place to do my laundry (since my usual place has been shut down some weeks ago). This is it: behold the gorgeous washing machines, huge dryers and the fluorescent lights that give this place so much warmth and cosiness.

DSCN5668cleaning my apartment from top to bottom.

Of course, this weren’t the only things I did this weekend. It is summer, so I went for a walk through Paris. Summer, this means also:

– a lot of tourists taking pictures at the Eiffeltower


– and a lot more Eiffeltowers to be sold (I think they had a staff meeting in front of the Eiffeltower, to study their product):

Staff meeting

In fact, I was walking to the Musée du Quai Branly. This weekend was the weekend of ethnology in this ethnological museum (and since I visited it some months ago, one of my favourite museums in Paris). And it was freeeee and there were a lot of interesting activities: free conferences, free lectures, free films, free guided tours … A lot of free things, so I went to enjoy them. I really recommend this museum (free each first Sunday of the month, and even if you pay your ticket, you won’t regret it).

Because it was too beautiful to stay inside, I decided to enjoy the sun while walking alongside the Seine, and this on the renovated and refreshed left-side riverside: “les berges de Seine“. You can find more pics and words about it in the blog I posted yesterday.


More sun! And nice temperatures! So I took the subway to the other part of Paris, the Canal Saint Martin, where I enjoyed the “Voix sur les berges” (Voices on the riverside). An initiative where the choirs of Paris (and there are a lot of them, 142 of them participated in this project) sing and perform a whole afternoon “a cappella”. On 18 different places, during 40 minutes, each choir gave a little show. From gospel over jazz to world music, film music and pop.

A little impression of the Voix sur les Berges + as a bonus on the end: a boat entering the sluice (I speeded it up, so not normal way of passing a sluice).

Conclusion of the weekend

I can say I had a very relaxed, sunny and lovely weekend. Even if I love to go back to Belgium (to see my boyfriend, family and friends), I also love to wander through Paris. This is one of the reasons I moved to this place: the diversity of the city, the variety of activities, Paris in spring/summer … And sometimes it is also good to just stay where you are, to not have to travel again, to take that highspeed train … (but only for one weekend. Now and then. Next week, I will be on a train to add a new destination to my project).


Musée du Quai Branly: the ethnological museum with non-Western art. Free each first Sunday of the month.

Canal Saint Martin: a whole summer long, there are a lot of free or cheap activities in and around the water (canoeing, boat trips at 1 € …). A nice idyllic spot in Paris.


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